Monday, December 28, 2020


Too many bosses stop when they find a strategy, any strategy, for managing a situation. Precious few reflect on whether those strategies work well. We rarely look for the best strategy, or even good strategies, for managing the stream of issues that crop up. Anyone can see why--bosses are busy. Most bosses have more things on their list than they can count. If it gets the job done, it's good enough.

But that is not good enough when it comes to managing people. With people, more is at stake than a technical error or a sub-optimal process being implemented. Motivation is at stake. Happiness is at stake (both yours and theirs). The success of the organization is at stake. My goal is to make it easier for managers to find the smart strategies for managing people, the strategies that lead to better long-term outcomes. I hope this blog will encourage readers to stop settling for ways to just get tasks checked off the list and start looking for ways to be a better boss. 

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