Monday, July 19, 2021

Podcast About Hiring Practices

I recently joined executive director of ELGL Kirsten Wyatt on the GovLove podcast to discuss interview processes and how to reduce bias in hiring. You can find my episode here, or look up GovLove on your favorite podcast app. My episode is number 443. 

Kirsten and I had an excellent time walking through ways to make your interview processes as effective as possible, focusing especially on interview question design. The episode gets into a great deal more detail than I am able to with any one blog post. The techniques we discuss, in addition to reducing bias, improve your likelihood of choosing the best candidate for the job. Give it a listen!

ELGL (, or Engaging Local Government Leaders, describes itself as an "accidental professional organization" that began as a small dinner group. Today, ELGL has over 4,800 members. The organization provides content for government workers through a wide variety of channels: the GovLove podcast, webinars, daily articles on their website, learning cohorts and conferences.

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