Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Blog Schedule Announcement

Starting next week, the blog will be moving to a once-per-week posting schedule. I've enjoyed writing and will continue to enjoy it. I just have some other life obligations that are encouraging me to redirect some of my time. Please join me every Monday for new posts. celebrated its 1-year anniversary just yesterday. In that time, I've written over 100 articles on effective management practices. I want to let everyone know, I appreciate your readership. The point of the blog is to give useful information to help people improve their management skills. I know that it is working when I see that people are reading. A special thank you to those who like the blog enough to recommend it to others. Those recommendations are the primary way that others find this blog. Please keep recommending it if you enjoy the content. 

We will be back with our first post of 2022 on Monday. Happy new year!

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